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Before Taxes

by yU

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- "we've reached a point now where they're mindless when it comes to create. Seems to me like they cant buy the premise.. Incidently, one of them signed a letter which ive characterized as Before Taxes" - Now this is just the gross amount before the taxes Like before this hip hop turned into rap shit The gap in between. Somebody gotta intervene. I'm the letters M and C Tracks from Slimkat, half of Khemystery And I got a tendency to turn words to imagery Stand for something, or u just might fall for anything Now what I bring to the table is this tho A couple lil' gems, you can call it the intro- -Duction, I've just been.. Finishing theEARN up So in the meantime, here.. Take this & turn it up EP stands for Expect Potency On a quest to gain respect locally to overseas I guess a leader's gonna lead, followers are gonna follow And today is all I got, take advantage is the motto that I live by My chin high, trynna get mines Quite precise, that's the result when my pen slides ...Across the straight lines, dividing the page Before Taxes, start it off this way..
My name is Mike Willingham. Chillin man, Brand new.. I used to stay in Southeast, off of Southern Avenue When alotta dudes try, see I Walk like Luke Sky Gettin mine in due time. Never write a fluke rhyme And I've listened to alotta niggaz holla dollar, dollar Quick to follow a star, my role model is my God, and And see I carve my identity in each song that I leave yall. The world is yours, u gotta reach for it But some don't even know what they like Stop being a get wit, and gain some control in your life U see, I roll so lowkey. A hypeman, no need.. Only I when I'm onstage Unless, my man Zak brought his MP wit 'em And if that man got cut, then he would bleed rhythm Remainz crew still i'm feeling like the villain in plain clothes Been slipping under the radar to wake yall Wit them 8ball, corner pocket rhymes I'm more mature, more wise, more organized Defiant, like a giant while they sound midget sized Faithfull to my hometeam, never switching sides When niggaz upgrade, and beats sound digitized My rhymes is good like good green, gets ya high Picture y slipping, nahh.. Get better with time like a fine wine. Grind like the teeth on the sides do You know the time, I been working overtime And that's one time fo your mind, and I'm the loyal kind Wit the eyes of a warrior, so in the clutch i'mma do far more than just enough, so trust that...
Almost Time 03:28
It's almost time, and I'm on my grind I can see the finish line, cuz it's almost time - I remember gettin a call from Kev. I'm in the cab pumpin Green, Al.. Meanwhile.. Call lost, redial Kev picked up, and asked what u doin tomorrow EPMD show, supposed to open up for 'em For real? Matta fact, if u trynna do your thing Got room within my set, u trynna kick a 16? Coolbeans The next day, met at Roddy's bout a hour before We in the basement, manpower galore U got Cy Young, Kev, Roddy Rod, & Muhsinah, plus Kenn Starr & Wayna IQ supposed to meet us Gadget over there taking footage of it all happen And I'm mapping out the rhyme that I'll probably be rapping Then Cy looked back, & asked me if I was ready I just gave him the nod, I'm feeling sharp as a maschete Aiiight, showmix ready.. Imma follow Cy I put the car in drive, destination 9:30 it's... - Hook - The time was 10:04, a big line at the door.. Im seeing people, some new, some I seen 'em before I got my army jacket on. Vigilante, damn he ready for war Tellin security I'm boutta perform "Then is your name on the list?", I'm thinking ain't this some ish I wouldn't go thru none of this if I was famous, I guess I better go find Kev. They at the backdoor tripping, doin a Lil bit of sipping.. "yU, how u living?" U know... Maintaining. Seen that man Quartermaine and Made my way inside, the coloured entrance like slavery Dressing room upstairs, everybody was there Kaimbr looked then on the floor there was a cooler wit beers Cheers, then I hit the stairs & I wasn't prepared Im Bumpin into Blacksheep, he said my name is Dres Gave my respect then I slide, I heard we on in bout 5 Minutes or less I'm in my head going over my rhymes cuz its.. - Hook - They introduced Kev Brown. The crowd loud, i'm proud And Roddy Rod hold it down, in control of the sound Our hometown, first round.. First song, they went wild Think it was "Multiply", they rockin side to side To it, the music sounding good coming out of the speakers And the mics was aiight. No kind of feedback neither I don't smoke no weed, but I do get the same feeling High off of the vibe, I'm by the stage just chillin Then I heard my name and IQ to hit the stage No intro, I just go.. Releasing my pain I said umm... "From the beginning to the backbone ending-" I thought i could've done better, but that's always my opinion IQ came in.. The Low Budget & Remainz blend well when we do it U can hear the people rooting Stepped off to the side. I know I had a good time.. Got me some beer, got me some dap And watched the rest of the ride cuz it was.. - Hook - I said it's almost time To put the show on the road And get this out for the world to see I put in all this time So I got to let them know I puts it down and I'm a thorough emcee.. Oh yeah, Speak on it.. Uggghhh
've got alot on my brain With stress taller than my daughter, 3 feet and some change I don't complain, I complete. My aim is like the archer wit an arrow cocked back, let it go.. Target is deceised And on beats I reach people of all kinds Sometimes it do take time, but I'm on time.. Genuine with the rhythm I'm designing Started all over, u can call it redefining myself.. bcuz I try to take 'em back to zero When folks try to pump your head up, u get a lil ego And start showing off when you get in front of the people But when it comes to this here I come with the lethal And he who tries will get fried And served like a three piece, wit a biscuit on the side U risk it all but you fall short.. When it comes to thought, I hold the chalk.. Tracing figures on the asphalt Trashtalk? Now let me get a lil bit You won't catch me puttin out that ole bullshit Nahh.. I love the raw untapped Stepped away for a second, but I had to come back, cuz I - hook Thought About it (I thought about it) Thought About It, ugh hugh.. (Put together a plan and just) Thought About It (Concentrate for minute, nigga) All this time.. -Repeat- Use your mind.. - My man had a plan to get play On the radio hard, like a hundred times a day What it takes? Alotta hard work, alotta networking and Started from the bottom up, just like a rebirth again Beginning to win now. Hate comes around When you get a lil bit, niggaz teeth tend to grit But he saw this.. His walk is, cautious Don't even need to pack the 4 5th, cuz I got god's strength Ready for the world like the 80's band Some make moves, others hate to see u expand To all the crabs, waiting in the barrel to get a clamp on the champ never, he'll use your ass as examps So dance to the rhythm that he tapped with both hands He not for no playing.. Slim's a grown ass man The big star on the map, that's where we live at.. Get love, and never ever hesitate to give back.. Cuz he - Hook - Aiiight to be an emcee, means that I can hold it down even if it's just me If I'm solo I go for what I know still don't chill A brova don't een battle.. Nahh I'm gone build. Fo real Like the girl Lauren Hill.. People say when they hear me rhyme they get a warm feel In their chest, I'm a child of the most high-est It seems like the radio be so bi-ased I experiment with this like some ole science Lab coat wit the glasses, y-U they asking But I've never told, what I hold is gold Like the five finger ring, so get off the ding-a-ling And lay low.. I hate broke, so I made mo.. Thankful for the bankroll.. iAint changed, same goal.. We got a globe to see. It's way mo then MD and DC. I'm being me, free.. Quit leading these seeds, straight to hades.. Vintage with this is what the remainz means The game's infected, folks trynna gain green I could've crossed over, but it really ain't me
U know, some say that them hard times let u know that you're alive Looking at peace outside, within your in a bind Feeling confined.. Trying, but it ain't enuff time in one day.. Hugh Still, u keep your faith up.. Head high, looking straight up Chaos is kinda like the song's too loud I turned them down, and turned me up Need an inspirational re-up To get my chi-up.. Started with an idea Clear, concise, and sharp as an icicle Living your life for you, brainstorming on what I can do.. U know i.. -hook by Bilal Salaam Woke up late this morning Put my pants on backwards in a rush Wont fight fate this morning Wrapped my mind around the things I trust - Now here I am again, scrambling for mines.. Hard, but I'm managing even if I don't have a cent to my name I invent change.. Gotta keep rent paid I'm trynna eat, but any smaller u can start to see my ribcage This brave, the scent of change.. I can smell it y'all.. Like a tapedeck, I had to push play instead of pause Stress, I let it fall and evolve. That's a law.. Press record, then spit a bar wit a cause We live amongst stars.. My art is with a scar.. Walking the boulevard, blackmale full of heart Some try to pull it apart, but it wouldn't harm.. Nahh While I sing the song, if u look u find good in all.. U know i.. - Hook - I'm feeling close to my maker. Thankful I'm allowed to wakeup, and explore another day cuz I don't have to Ain't nuffin to it, let's do it.. Just like the planet, keep moving.. Roll wit a family unit. Brothers, we not a crew.. And just to keep it cohesive, making them songs that be reaching, deep in your soul when u need it, u know we got jewels And not around our necks.. And that's about a bet I rhyme witout a sweat, heaven haven't found it yet And life is not a rec, therefor I do not play around wit it Many frauds, later u find out that they were counterfeit How is this? How could a friend turn foul, I sat and analyzed once I broke it down.. Sing it Bilal..
EyeQ verse Standing on the corner, trynna make a few dollars Lil shorty had a mother, but she never knew her father Her poppa rolled out when she was 1, he was a alcoholic From the bottle, any problem he had it would solve it Momma was an addict, puttin heroine up in her veins Alot of nights she was out looking for the product The only role model in her life was a dude riding round in a rimmed out chevy impala - yU verse I took a swallow, sitting out on the front step to hollar at Ronald Who's smelling just like a bag of juana Couldve been bad charma.. Cops put him in a lineup Possession of that white powder, now he's not around us But it's far from silent bout three blocks from Howard Better guard your wallet... fiends walk away smiling Folks be cold whiling on the ave of Rhode Island Lot of guns, sex, violence, wilding to get the dollar - Hook And on the corners you see hustlers be balling, & customers be falling.. The police patrolling the ave So take this as a warning, cuz the block be scalding hot when they be out there making cash.. The Corner - yU verse I told ya, u hang up on that strip if you want ta Folks approach when they get broke quick to poke a Hole in your goodie bag, off of Massachusetts Ave Ruthless, dippers make a man look stoopid And do shit to change others futures for two hits Need to quit, selling fiends a fix They so gone they robbing ATM machines to get Some mo of that high, lips dry, Vaseline dem shits, n-gga - EyeQ verse The greasy chick, walking wit the meanest switch With bitter intents of flipping that paper to get rich Scheming quick, with big hips, ass, and tits On the strip thinking, "who's really gonna pass up this?" It's obvious that Ronald didn't, he got out of jail and started pimpin Different women just to make him a living Drug dealing behind him, that's the shit that put him in prison He started a new mission, "Get on the corner, you bitches!! " - Hook - EyeQ It's home to rats, roaches, and plus the vultures, and cold shoulders faceoff like travolta - yU Go head make a left on Georgia Ave turn on Florida.. Bad brauds for cash'll smash off the four of us - EyeQ Not enuff, there more of us.. Deep in the Ford Taurus Nope, not popo.. Riding wit no insurance - yU It's like 4 in the morning, yup.. Niggaz, more than enuff Stickup, gone give it up.. The liquor is poured in the cup - EyeQ Go ahead and open it up. That potent bag of the krunk We smoking, laughing it up.. U joking, he so serious - yU The jumpouts? Awwe, here they come now.. Come out.. Hands put'em up, now. Fuck dat, I'm boutta run out A fact, shots tend to go blowww - EyeQ Freeze.. Nigga please. Catching me, u must be tripping - yU He hopped over a fence, and got rid of the evidence and - EyeQ They started sprinting - yU They shot, and missed him - EyeQ He probly nicked him - yU A warning - EyeQ The block is scalding - yU & EyeQ N-gga we balling - hook
The Up & Up 02:12
Close 04:35
Fine 02:17
Native (free) 04:42
Memory 02:50
The Rock 02:05
In The Reign 03:54
MmHmm 03:09
On Ya Head 04:11


released April 13, 2010


all rights reserved



yU Washington, D.C.

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