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yU first gained acclaim as 1/3 of the Washington DC group Diamond District along with Oddisee and XO. Then he continued to garner success with his solo debut Before Taxes which was named to the Best of 2010 List by HipHopDX, Al Lindstrom, and Above Ground Mag.. yU then sharpened his skills through performances on a European tour and appearances at CMJ, SXSW, A3C, and the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festi val. yU is back with his sophomore project The Earn a progression that is as fluid, lyrical, and thought provoking as his critically acclaimed debut. His new album, The Earn, is a timely meditation on the struggle to advance, set afire by yU's potent wordplay.


released December 13, 2011


all rights reserved



yU Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Flipping Channels // theEARNtro
Now I aint gonna hold y'all long, gimme a second.
To tell of the hell that I hold, use discretion
When steppin in my shoes. Was always a quiet dude,
Reign over my rivals, as I conceal the weapon
I pull out a rhyme like a nine at crowds, busting
Each line is a landmine. Look, but don't touch it
Becuz if u do, then ur liable to get hit up
My soul is whole, confident, holding my chin up
I'm in a good place, man. Working, yup.. U know..
Still low key, wit no sleep, f*ck a pillow
I feel no one can overcome, young, numb, bubblegum tongues come but get hung, i'm one with the sun
So shining, that is an innate trait
The yU is victorious again they say
I put 'em in their place. Since the tapes, I've been rockin
Game, I've got a balance. That's defense & offense, Warning!!
I don't know what you heard
But this year, the yU is out to EARN..
Track Name: First
02 First
I look at it like its my first time,
My first breath if air,
My first glimpse at daylight, becomes a first stare
Folks thirsting for what's found in my verses
I'm a merchant with the product
Pushing it like it's my first sale
I'm building a foundation, wit the first nail
My first win, that's the result of my first fail
Storyies in first person, never 2nd or 3rd
You live & you earn, my first album was first concern
I was the first sperm to break thru
Some get into this just to make the loot, but first you've got to pay ur dues
A father for the first time, back in '03
My first child, first smile in a while that I showed teeth
The song that I was on, I did for no fee, lowkey, nobody knows me style of an o.g.
The first street that I lived on was Porter Avenue
The rent's due on the first, so I does what I have to do
Lowercase y first, then capital U
My first time sippin was trippin off the absolute
I learned, first get your own.. Nothing's handed. Understanding is planning, I'd be the first to tell yo *ss the truth
Gimme the loot first, B-I, G's stack 'em high
The last one to sleep on, Z is the letter after y
I craft the rhyme first to match the beat attached to
Since the first verse that I wrote, it felt natural
I'm so glad I've got a home I can go back to
While on earth, I put allah first.. That way I can't lose
You see the first nail holds the foundation in place
I be the first one to peep you out if you was a snake
We tell 'em first you've gotta earn your woth here on earth
To be first is a gift and a curse, it's hard work being first..
Track Name: Bonafide // Overdue
03 Bonafide

Now lemme hear u say Bonafide
On the rhyme. Ears, got 'em open wide.
U know the time, truth is what we gon provide
For you, if u allow me to. Plus my name's yU..
Remainz Crew is up in this
Better off now, we handle business
I meant this. That's why I keep the sentance, vintage
So u'll remember this down the line
Say it with me one time, Bonafide
1st verse
I need quiet. Peace of mind is a high to me, obviously
Becuz I feel driven, like most high's guiding me
Molding me. Showing me the steps cuz I was told to reach for the sky, so I do..
Everyday I'm going thru
The day to day, melee for pay, they say,
"Get it however u can, that's the American way..
Kill, steal, sword, shield. If u're chill than ur soft
Why build? Just destroy, anyone can be bought.."
Nahhh.. Not y, I've got pride, prove it all the time by my way of walking.
I be the first to spark it
City of Dark Chocolate, now.. add just a bit of French Vanilla
It's a set-up, hard to keep you head up
Fed up, we end up generation-Y
It aint safe outside, to survive is my dayjob
Pray hard, thank God change aint that far..
We raise the bar on that raw,
Yup, that's the way we are.. Raw

Bonafide. Nope, nahh, they can try to break my spirit..
I don't think its gonna work
I've got my eyes on the prize, peace of mind allright, as long as I'm on earth
I put my hands up high, (its allright)
I'm bonafide with mine (its allright)
Until my life expires (its allright)
I'm bonafide with mine (its llright, yeahh)
2nd verse
Now lemme see, jealousy, greed, lust, glutony, hate, envy, and doubt.. That aint the route that I'm about, I shout.. "Yeah"
If u wit me, better be fast cuz in a flash your life can past. Throwing jabs, Shatan has no power over Michael Willingham
I stand, stern, earning, learning, daily I'm determined yall
Iming to leave the surface floor, the planet earth is small
I'm trynna see it all, remainz are what we are called
If u wanna be the boss, first u gotta be adults
I can see your pulse, pumping, moving too fast
Alotta folks be gettin bread, but what do u do with ur cash
Making it rain, that is a trait of mother earth & the clouds
We be so materialistic that it's hurting us now
We go to work with a frown, bound, doing what we're allowed
Fake smile. To the bosses feet, you bow down
or your belly gon growl, economy is wild now.. How does laid off sound
You've got a child, found out, u foul..
Hook 2
Now you can say whatcha say, That's fine, okay. I put my principles first.
Go head & do whatcha do, imma be there soon. Don't even matter who's first at all.
I put my hands up high, (its allright)
I'm bonafide with mine (its allright)
Until my life expires (its allright)
I'm bonafide with mine (its llright, yeahh)

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: If U Down
If U Down

1st verse

The rain is pouring, pain is going on in my life.
Reason I write, same reason why drinkers go buy a pint.
Dark clouds attack the light that is within me
Struggle is neverending, prayer is what some recommend me
I'm 5'9, but when I rhyme.. Feel like I'm 10 feet tall
Laying the law thru these bars, I put my life's cause
Many be dumb downed clowns, see I don't like yall
Hit 'em with the permanent pause, "what do YOU fight for"
Your car, your chain.. Its all the same. You call it game, boring my brain.. The fraudulent way
I can't feel what ur saying, cuz the balance is off
Faking like u don't have a heart wit all the violence u talk
I guess u can't crack a smile anymore,
so I guess its gotta be war,
24/7 weapons gotta squeeze off, n*gga nahh
That is a plan within a plan, my man..
Destruction is in demand, and Uncle Sam is a fan.. Yeah
Hearts frozen, why do we be on that cold sh*t,
We used to be cultured, influenced by the vultures they've been scoping, analyzing with a motive
Its.. like we've been tied up with an invisible rope and
Them jails open, they get paid when they put month in-side, kinda currupt.. Its time for us to just expose them
Its wild, especially when ur skintone's brown, but right now we boutta turn it around
U wit me? Hit me if u down..
2nd verse
Of course I've walked with what my ancestors fought for
Heart full of passion. Want more, start at ground floor, still..
Remain becuz of yall we make it sound raw..
I thank allah. For me to try to paint a song that is a cure till the pain is gone
Fruits of my labor may be ripe, cuz I've been waiting for 'em
Seems like a lifelong task, walking on this path
Many be cheating, but my dad.. He was a honest man
Plus bout his cash, getting it becuz he worked hard
And to my moms, they call it labor, that was WORK yall
Since birth, searched the earth for what I'm worth, money??
Is paperweight, cannot equate to what my life study
Has told me, go beyond all the stars up in the sky
The gift of rhymes, that is the place I chose to emphasize
Just a sign maybe, my light is not fading
I was born to shine greatly, on the rise trynna break free
(Repeat Hook)
3rd verse
Hit me, if you're down & out.. Wilding's not the route u need to be taking
N*ggaz be waiting to throw they hate in, frustration be incubating Inside, times are tense. So I write rhymes with sense
Why, becuz it aint to many of yall that doing this
My influences, came before they ruined this.. Foolishness, Ringtone, Computer Chip, Champ, I'm not new to this
I prove what I say thru the way that I relay
I don't break, standing time's test, and making that progress
And I'm on my job. Yes, indeedy
Yall greedy, while I got less
make it sound monstrous
Break it down in portion
It all fits together, I remember my beginnings while I'm winning, cuz forgetting brings the ending close
Folks forget, get on some brand new sh*t
The movements, still in motion like Munch & Matthew & them
Ups, I've had a few of 'em
Downs, I've had to..
But whenever I think of my mission, I feel I have to ascend, fin..
(Hook repeated)
Track Name: Time Machine // Remember U

1st verse

Maybe I do fall into the same footsteps as pops
Turned the hands of the clock back
To Lakewood Street now, that's where he would be found
30 years ago
Let's take a journey, here we go
To Suitland, Maryland. That's where the Willingham's stay
That's my fathers last name,
He pretty much looks the same
Back in the days he was 16 & doing his thing
Construction, making money with his hands.. That's my dad
He kept a lil ride, sumthin nice to drive slow in
Playing "Mind Blowing", 8track stereo and
Him and moms went to Suitland High, she was superfly
Plus his sister's best friend so, they began to get close
I found a picture from the year before I was born, corner half torn.. Mom & pops hands joined
Eye to eye, why do I.. Not remember all that
And I closed my eyes, and thru dreams I go back there.. Yeahh
Hey, come on.. Ride with me, and take a trip, thru the time machine
Years away, away from today
I'm traveling back, to how I became
And going way back, to back in the days
Of when we used to speak, but now the times have changed
Hey come on, ride with me now, thru the time machine..
2nd Verse

I found another picture too
From the year 1980, I was goin on two.
It was me, my aunt Toya, alotta joy around christmas
Opening my gifts & the colors slowly drifting away
Fading, just like a memory from a while back
Looking siced in the picture, got some toys and a cowboy hat
Neppy's house was off of Porter Ave
I couldn't touch less it was mine, see I was taught to ask
Or moms would whoop my *ss, respect, gonna need that. Believe that
She dropped the bottomline, leaving no room for feedback
And u could see that in them other pictures too
When I was a little dude
Me & moms would hit the zoo up
Before the yU, it was Mikey/ Mike Jr.
The world is a labyrinth, so don't let it lose ya
If the sun was outside, you don't need no flash
Perfect lighting for this flick, that was taken in the past, let's goooo..
(Repeat Hook 2x)
3rd Verse

The last picture I hold, goes for all of those who never seen their folks when they were close
Those days are long gone, but I am the result
Of a bond that wasn't solid, so they drifted apart
Moms thing was her art, and pops was good with his hands
Innate traits I had to take from the blend that yall had, daaag..
Lookin at these pictures makes me wonder what if..
But if anything had changed my destiny might switch too
My daughter is that proof, time done passed by
Some people that u see, it could be for the last time
Flipping, thru a dusty, brown leather photo album
Showing my daughter pictures from back when I was young
I'm trading places with my pops in the drivers seat
Her eyes are wide, their reminding me of me
So add another branch, to my family tree
Just roll wit me, lemme take u thru the time machine..
(Hook Repeats 2x)
Track Name: Write On
1st Verse (yU)

So many things on the brain, just to hang
the ink drips on the page, I feel priveledged to say
That a song saved me from dying
Them times I try to keep in mind
We're affecting peoples life thru rhymes
Rapping, thoughts jotted on a napkin
Balled it up, found a month later in my other jacket
Tone raspy, cuz I've got a cold
Words written powerful, my handwriting but still, I don't know
If I wrote it, and if so what was I going thru then
Written in pen, I use pencil..
But then again..
Sometimes you use whatever u got,
Aint nothin wrong, I done used Neiori's crayons
for songs yall play all day long
We make wrong right again
Dive in headfirst to write a verse tighter than the last one I wrote
And I'll pass on the smoke, sippin aloe vera juice from a can
You quote me, write on..

2nd Verse (Imani Bilal)

Love, hate, sunshine, rain
Art will always remain the remedy for pain
As thoughts scribe themselves on walls of my brain
I claim my story and spit it
To make the seeds think
Sitting backwards in empty pastures
as I bleed ink and sink in it
This is what happens when I empty my self into myself
This is what happens when
Life's hands offer no help and then I
Drift into a translucent dream
That is my only reality
Gladly folding the alphabet in such dimensions that
One sentence becomes an entire world
The universe is in you,
Believe that, and see what the pen do, write on..

3rd Verse (yU)

And I done seen a whole lot, so
For me , I've found a way to let thoughts go
And I might talk slow, I write songs
Speak from the heart, & not the skull
Got soul, inscripted in each scroll that I scribble in
Chizeling what I meant within the width of the paper's lines
I try to take my time wit it
Rhyming like I'm venting, this is my opinion
I am sending. Thru song, its everliving
Won't forget it..
Blending with rhythm. When spitting, I relay vision
Folks listen. Like a solstice who chose THIS, over chilling
Ready & willing, write or wrong, turn it to song, calm as a seance
The lights stay on
Without the use of electric, the candles lit
Glowing like tips of incents, the ashes drift
Feeding my habit again, I grabbed a pen. Start imagining
Thoughts gathering, patterns on my notepad I write on...
Track Name: Even If / The Willingham
Even If

Even if I fail at first, I'm still..

1st Verse

The Willingham, last name first and
Mic, when I hold one of them.. Its closed curtains
To motivate many is a brovas whole purpose
Try to take 'em high, opposite of below surface
Alotta soul, plus I write them solid gold verses
Learned this before I turned 6, no one is perfect
Sometimes I wonder is it all even worth it
Frustrated. Pain, still hurting.
I'm working, researching..
A breakbeat surgeon
I hate fake people make me wanna start cursing
I can't stand bull, like a brovas half turkish
I'm sure, yup.. Got damn certain
I landed on this planet determined to put work in
Aint nobody give me nothin cuz I earned it
Mom & pops own, and over the years I've learned that

Even if I failed at first I'm still gonna try,
And I gotta-
Build over time
The grind, I am-
Still on mine
2nd verse

Aiiight, yell it I gotta tell 'em bout
All the times I aint have a dime and I was feeling doubt
In my chest, yes, so depressed and I was in a drought
Got a whole lot of ideas, but I'm trynna get 'em out
-lemme tell ya
A failure, nahh.. I break barriers raw
So how I carry it is serious yall
I might appear to be small, but step to 'em and u'll see
I've channeled my chi, just like the master Bruce Lee
Hands moving in slowmo, trained in the dojo
Remainz is the emmo.. So eventually we get month
In for the long haul so in life,
We keep the tempo, simple
So let's g-o- and let them know, you know I know that

3rd Verse

Lemme tell you-
Exactly what I'm all about and
Fam, now where would I be if I was witout them
Somewhere strugglin & hustlin hard
I put my trust in God, besides that I fear nothing
Up against tremendous odds, but I know..
That nothing comes easy, its called survival
Why should I be tired fo, when gials are unnacomplished
Just living and walkin wit a purpose.
Prospering off what I've learned I gotta earn my crown then
The bread'll keep piling, I'm determined, brown and
I'm proud as the lion & the pack he was down with
My drive, experienced like it was mileage
The earth is round, I go beyond where the clouds is
I'm trynna rock crowds somewhere up in the thousands
Been down, since up was outta range
Alotta pain, gotta gain, not a game, alotta ways, I became
A modern king humble of today see
I take speach seriously, cuz your words reach
The whole world if u're doing it right
We make a difference, my mission, upliftment, u wit it?
Cool.. Let's get it, I'll be willing to the finish
Very vintage and I carry lyrics, strength in every sentance
Studying this like a college and
U'll never catch me following or borrowing, I've got to send.. this one out..
Track Name: the EARN

A goal in mind, then I aim.. shoot
Nothing I can't do. No matter what we make due
Some others act like they wanna participate too..
End up flaking out, but yet I've got no reason to hate you
Actually, thank you. The reason my strength grew
Because I am faithful, and don't worry about what THEY do
My life story's a fact & not a fable
When able, I can't bull sh*t. Bills on the table
I guess I'm paying dues.. Glad that I made it thru
Others more straight than you, don't let it phaze you
Material things do not make or break you.
Life is pleasure & pain. Win, and yes.. I may lose
But I'm in a great mood, thankful I aint thru
Life is a dance, when ur born.. Becuz it takes two
It aint a game dude..
In real life destiny faces you & I've got things to do, truee
They're gonna give me what I'm worth, nothing less
I work hard, plus my bond is my word.. U heard
No regrets, breaking a sweat its just another lesson learned I'm on the verge
Life's full of twists & turns, ur grip's gotta be firm. Their gonna try to discourage u from
Feeling that burn after doing my reps, I benchpress stress.
So yes, the word's
2nd verse

I start a rhyme from the bottom line
This heart of mine is out for more than just a dollar sign
I'm on the grind, fortified to see my daughters eyes
Bright & lit up, tighten it up to get it organized
Cuz nowdays, fathers be dying.. Living shorter lives
Mature wit mine, so I'll constantly be on the rise
Eyes stay wider than the hips on a black woman.
Endless supply on these raps, another batch coming
I was recording last night, where was u at?? Clubbing
Having fun, but in the end ask what you got from it
Not becoming, I done seen too many hot summers
Youngins got hot tempers & stubborn, so their not budging
Look at ur watch cousin..
U know what time it is
So use the mind behind your ears if ur trynna win
One in the same, if your aim is up
So tell the kings that we coming so their reign is up, theEARN
Steady, ready for any- thing and I sing.. The song of a peion, with the heart of a king
Acknowlegding what I've seen
Too many times my eyes blink
I've got hope like a gambler, plus I got stamina
Half of a whole, searching for the rest of my lifetime
To ease the mind, that is the reason I write rhymes
If I sounded like you, then I would put the mic down
That isn't my lifestyle, or how I'm feeling right now.
So why would I say it, if its not true..
Being sumthin that u aint, and that is not cool
I rock the truth like its a jewel from Jacob.. Your boy
Recording songs like sex, and I'm taping the joint
Making noise is what yall do, I'm making points
Sharp wit the art of hip hop, giving change a voice
Put my face on the coin, profiling
I see yall folks wilding, cuz u've got no talent.. EARN
Track Name: Money (The Ahh Yeah)
Money's a funny thing. I have become a fiend for that color green
And need 'll make a brova want to come up with a scheme
Some say that's all they need and once u balling then ur free
All u can see is getting mo of her
Emotional when she aint showing up
In ur account, bounced to the next n*ggaz wallet. Think about it. Big problems, reason why the banks robbing us
Businesses fought for her, now their overcharging us
Talk to a girl, & let her know that u riding that bus
50/50 chance after that she won't respond to him at all.. U laughin?
Sh**t, u better not be.
Feel like nothing can stop me, with cheddar start gettin cocky
A million 'll make yo *ss the man like Dibiase
Flossing often, big sh*t talking, Don't think about it. Saw it, bought it. Can afford it, work hard. Then get rewarded.
Bills sorted, fives, tens, twenties,
Fifty dollar bills, hundreds
Even if u wiped ur ass wit it, somebody'd still want it
The feel of money'll make a bamma act real cruddy
Matta fact, snatch u out your Cadillac Seville.. Lucky
To still be living, filthy presidential figures printed on the bill faces
They used to fill slaveships, gracious
And I'm the bad guy if I'm saying it..
But don't blame me, powers that be.. U can blame them

I said dollar, dollar.. Everybodies trynna hollar at you..
Becuz when your not in my wallet there's a problem. So do I need u? I do..
Track Name: I Believe
I Believe

1st verse
I Believe..
That everything happens at its own pace.
That's why the letter y in my name, is lowercase
Showing that growth, come from young & up and coming.
Summoned by the ones before me.. To continue the story of
A warrior wit a blade that's sharpened
Starving, heart hardened but still marching
I am a writer with a lighter walking in infinite darkness
We gotta keep the flame lit, while they talkin the same sh..
My aura's of the ancients, I can't sit
Its against nature for me to be just complacent
Since I see it, then I must strive to be it.. Right??
I draw from dreams. Cuz they're talking to me at night
Loud and clear, and I never bow to fear.. greater
Thoughts I have right now, happen some years later
The weird way the universe works,
trust is the crust of life's pie, I succeed becuz I.. Believe
Now people if u're wit me say, "uhh hugh"
And people if u're wit me say, "uhh hugh"
U gotta keep ya head up
"uhh hugh"
And it all 'll get better, I believe
2nd Verse

Aiiight, u got a goal in mind. Now that's a good start.
Let people know what u're crafting, they'll pull it apart
And say it needs some of this, and a lil bit of that
Before u put the finishing touch, their giving it the axe
And start chopping down a young tree
That's why my ideas are unseen, cuz haters live amongst me
Obviously, they aint seeing it from the same angle
Hear what u saying, take notes
But still it won't change you
That criticism is a good thing,
But a sense of self worth is a trait that's sure to make king
Of a peasant who thought that he's worth less than
They estimating to play God, but F- them
Your concern is to claim what u've earned
Live and learn as the tables turn
Your bond is your word
Now whether you stick to it's up to you
Hopefully, you'll be on ur deen
Becuz I Believe..
3rd Verse

Either believe or be left
While alive I strive, so to stop is like death
What I rep, is taking slow steps to the top tier
That way I know that that growth is just how I got there
Not scared, powerful words that my pops said
Holding my head, eyes red, grateful I've got tears
To even let loose to fall to the cement
50 percent dreaming, the other half.. is leading
Thru motion, not hoping
It happens thru action..
The passion dictates the pace
Aint no relaxing here
No fear, so serious, I'm trynna go there
Code red, I'm on edge, to get my soul fed
So rare, I zone yeah, like I don't care
Tone clear when folks hear me when I'm on air
Mo prepared, I'm focused, no joke & wit potency gotsta be becuz I believe
(Hook-repeat 2x)
Track Name: Blind

I feel my way around & let the sound lead.
My ears are sensitive to all of my surroundings
I'm challenged, as far as sight is concerned
Listening deeply, to every movement that's heard. Your words..
I can feel if they're real or not
Your heart speaks louder than your lips will.. And my walk
Is faith driven, I'm assisted by a canine
The world is in a rush, but I gotta take time
To hear what my life is telling me
I hear sound in color. Visually, I may never see
But instead of me having regrets about the way that I was born, I don't let that stress me out
What I found was a strength in my weakness
I'm seeing things most folks aint peeping
So its kinda like an even exchange
And when I talk, folks tell me that they see what I'm saying becuz..

I may not say nothing, but u better believe that I'm listening To the sound of your vibration with my mind
Now you may use your eyes to see
But I just let my senses lead me to destinations
They say that I'm blind
Wo...ohh.. Oh.. ohhhh

2nd verse

He's got 20/20 vision and all that
He's lookin for a love, sumthin he can fall back on
Eyes wide when he's walking thru the city like
he aint got a pretty wife at home
Cooking every night
But he's the type that gets bored and moves on fast
And got the nerve to wonder why now he's doing bad
Had a good thing, a queen.. Making him a king
True, but his view was coming straight from his ding-a-ling
Sippin a Yueng Ling, slow.. Eyes closed now
Its been a while, still remember how her voice sounds
Too many choices'll distort your visioning
Blind to the fact, steady looking, pivoting
But everybody else seen it
None of them new girls meant as much as she did
Its funny how you had everything that u was trying to find
And they say that I'm the one that's blind?? Hugh man..
Flavor Flav said it best, Blind to the fact
Acting like we know sumthin, pride's got us sidetracked
Why's that? I don't know.. Wish a brova knew
Why we isolate ourselves, too stubborn to buck a U
Sometimes, living in ur own mind
Can be your sickness
Communication is light, so don't forget this
World's a test. Dark days.. We make brighter by believing
The soul is all seeing
If freedom was a place, than I'm already there..
Everybody wants to shine, they're blinded by the glare
How can I fear anything that I can't see
Myself being limited becuz I was born free, dreams are forseen
I'm living in one, nothing's impossible
Obstacles, don't exist, I see none
Even in darkness the heart is a ball of light
You feel it out, cuz the words of the song go like
Track Name: Delay (feat. Diamond District)


It seems like folks now want it right away
They need to slow it down, and ride the wave
To act out of haste, the price we pay
What's destined 'll come, with slight delay.. slight delay
You do stupid sh*t when u move too a fast
Take a minute to think, and get ya foot off the gas
Each and everyone wanna have some fun
You're living under the sun, goals we gotta get done

(yU verse)

We're living in a world where..
We stay in first gear
Aint nobody there, earpiece in they ear
At all times, why.. It should be a crime
They desensitize you & I for a dime
When u see your brotherman
Don't nobody say hi, no more
What for, got alot going on
Yeah right..
Plus just another red light, sitting still up in traffic, stagnant
A thin line between not having, and lavish
If I can't earn it, then f*ck I'll grab it
Learned it from America, home of the Slaves
Lies legalized if the right price paid, paid
Paid off the sweat u losing.. Blessing or a lesson.. Just an illusion
And we wonder why we're losing
Pause for a second, and let the world keep moving..
XO verse

Like I'm a diamond, I'm shining yall
Like I'm a sun, I bring light to yall
Can you imagine me taking a loss
Retaliate before taking it all
Its been a week, dog.. U taking long
U think imma let them escape with our
Dough when I crept on thru
Let 'em know I'm a pro, so I couldn't wait two..
More minutes, so n*ggaz know how precious every moment is
Don't delay, build up the momentum
Cuz the block gonna talk if we don't get them
Like Barrack, when I talk.. They all listen
Shhhh..listen to 'em laugh when we keep losing
Keep proving ourself wrong, we cruising
Road to redemption, so we keep moving.. Keep, keep moving
Oddisee verse

Good things come to those who wait, hugh..
I'm trynna escape from, the bottom.. That bass drum
Haste I make from, mistakes done reguardless
Gotta take from that waste dump the garbage
Turning treasure endeavors to try to sever me
And cleverly and steadily, heavily making progress
I'm one step ahead of me so
I'll never be slow, never be loafing
I'll never be close to sumthin that I wanted but confronted wit walls
If I aint climbing, I aint walking, man its nothing to crawl
More important. Man, its nothing to fall
Cuz a brother's bouncing back like I'm dunking a ball
Resilience is brilliance, trust me.
Its real in the field, hit hard.. n*gga, rugby..
Nothing to guard you from the ugly, truth
What u want me to say, take time.. delay..
Track Name: Fast Money
Fast Money


Do anything. For that

(fast money)

Its a fact, what folks do for stacks of that

(fast money)

Rob & steal, some even 'll kill for that

(Fast money)

And you know they don't wanna go to school & study.. They want

(Fast money)

You've gotta be determined if u want to earn it, that

(Fast money)

Becuz as soon as you make it, they trynna take it, that

(Fast money)

Said, I mean taxes.. "Brother what is that sh*t", that's

(Fast Money)

They wanna take it from me, but don't do sh*t for me.. That

(Fast money)

U've better gimme dat..
Track Name: Better Man
Better Man

1st Verse

Now it may take a minute to get it, but when it comes.. We'll split in half
They say that we tend to talk slow, but we listen fast
1-9-7-8-er straight is what we gonna be
This is how it sounds when me and Zak let our soul speak
Rhythm is a language, back & forth.. Sway motion
Daily, we've been upgrading. Waiting for an opening
Both feet forward, keep the dope beat going
Plus our tones speak boldly, hopefully earn the trophy,
For what we stand for, really can't go wrong
Born year of the horse, songs tend to mirror our thoughts
We was taught, to be sincere at an early age
We went against the grain, so the brainwash done rinsed away
And we never switched just to fit up in their folder
On beats Zak's more fonky as he gets older
Potent like, Ammonia.. But we don't brag
We're just perfecting our craft, so in the end we'll be a better man

Do yall even understand
Sometimes love is all we have
We done learned from our past, mom & pops cleared a path
So one day they'll encourage their sons to be a better man

2nd Verse

U've gotta have that de-votion
That's what its called when you're earning your worth
While I'm on this earth, many times I've been burnt
That had to happen though
Cuz if it didn't I would never grow
Set up for the better, head is up high when I'm feeling low
But I never let it show
Go back then edit the present
Shaping the future by, raising my youth up
Bread, we gotta scoop up
The rent I pay is too much
Due first every new month or else they trynna sue us
But nahh.. I paid 'em off, keep the cable on
Grind take up most of your time, see what I'm aiming for
Fast forward to more, soar but sure
Gotta sharpen my sword, talking to yall thru song. Move on
To what I'm destined. Best, and nothin less than. I took what I had, then expand.. Meaning I stretched it
Planned, then I invested. Take care of my fam.
I'm doing all that I can, so in the end I'll be a better man

Our ancestors from the past
They stood for more than just the cash
We've gotta give all that we have, pass wealth around
So the generations later have their chance to be a better man
Duff Vocals

Gotta be a better.. What u say now
Gotta be a better man, yeah.. Each and every day..
Gotta be a better.. All my life, say
Gotta be a better man, yeah..
Gonna do what's right, say
Gotta be a better
Said I'm trying
Gotta be a better man, yeah
Said I'm trying
Gotta be a better
Gotta be a better man..
Track Name: Highlights of Life Pt. 2
Highlights of Life 2

1st Verse

I'm making today wonderful
Grateful for things old, and plus the new
For what I have, and what I've gotta get
And for my frame of mind, I aint trying to sit
U say what, what time is it??
Time to find that strength that's inside to lift
The bar so high that I can throw it up
No matter how much I learn, I'll never know enuff
And every morning is a fortune
Cuz often, bodies are laid up in a coffin
I'd like to see the day we all win
Celebrate, take time before it all ends
If soul is a hole, I fall all in
Listening to the wind while I am walking,
By, a prime example of my vibe
I aint tripping off time right now,
I'm feeling like

I'm glad I can say I
Found a highlight
My ideas now can fly
That's in my life
Thru songs I spread the word
What I believe in
Inspired by what I heard
Gave me reason
So I guess I'm gonna create
Keep on building
No matter how long it takes
Time reveals that
If u reach for the highest heights
There's a highlight
Success is only right
In all of our life

2nd Verse

The past is a good friend of..
mine, reminds me of when I used to chill outside
So many times.. Plenty lows & highs and
Sometimes I close my eyes to peep where I've been.
I'm from a place called Suitland,
Maryland, reaching the world with the music
Now as a child, I used to play the french horn
Who knew that later on I would write songs
Rhyming, striving, surviving, climbing up
Ladders, no matter the heights
Cuz in God we trust
Whether planes, trains, or bus
We're still in motion
Crossed the ocean, performing with my close friends
Thankful that I aint thru
Many greats, I look up to them salute
Every interview when they question my influence
I had to speak on the cats that inspired me to do this
Bridge Chant
3rd verse

At the end of the day, see I stay
Finding my own tone
A leader like stroll, quite incite-ful
You know thateverything shimmering ain't gold
And nothing comes free, u've gotta get it on your own
How many gon, claim to put our city on
We grown, so we've gotta come up with many goals
Though plenty would envy how I gets busy
Genuinely I'm sending light thru a song whenever the mic is on
I invite the globe, to my place of birth
Though disfunctional, we're making it work.. And I learnt
That aint nobody gonna do it for you
And not every friend's gonna be loyal
You let pride win, then it destroys you
Is this for the crew, or are you doing you??
Some questions that I ask, while I write
Just looking at my life pointing out the highlights

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